R & D


MOLVAX has commercialized NK Catalyst.
Molvax produces unnatural and dialkylated amino acids on an industrial scale.
Molvax works for novel small drug discovery and development with in silico molecular techniques.


NK Catalyst : asymmetric PTC (Phase Transfer Catalyst)

- Non-metal and High Efficiency
- Green Catalytic Condition
- Production of Various Optically Active Compounds

Amino Acids Manufacturing Technology

- Using NK Catalyst
- Green Manufacturing Condition
- Unnatural and Dialkylated Amino Acids/Oligopeptides
- Scalable Production: >10kg

in silico Molecule Design Technology

- QM / MM / MD
- Mechanism-based Drug Design on Protein Fold (AI)


Asymmetric Phase Transfer Catalysts

NK Catalyst: NCCO-1 and NCCO-2

Unnatural Amino Acids (UNAA)

α,α-Dialkylated UNAA
α-Monoalkylated UNAA
β-Amino Acids

Production Scale

Lab Synthesis (gram to kilo gram scale)

- Synthesis Route Development
- Target Compound Synthesis
- Synthesis of Samples
- Analysis Development

Lab, Pilot, Scale-up and PO manufacture (gram to 10kg)

- Process Optimization
- Kilogram Scale Manufacture
- GMP Manufacture (in preparation)
- Analysis Development and Validation