Developer of Small Molecules for Drugs and Intermediates

Focused on molecular technology-driven for drug discovery and development.
MOLVAX does the best to create new values for the healthy life of people all around the world with molecular sciences and life sciences.

Catalytic Technology for Unnatural Amino Acids

MOLVAX catalysts have been designed in silico and can generate (L)/(D) unnatural amino acids and α,α-dialkylated amino acids selectively in industrial scales.

in silico Technology for Small Drugs

Drug discovery and development in MOLVAX are based on in silico computational techniques and AI simulation.

NK Catalyst

NK Catalyst is an asymmetric phase transfer catalyst and can produce α-monosubstituted and α,α-disubstituted amino acids from glycine and its derivatives. The catalyst shows high selectivity and reactivity, and is environmental-friendly, containing no metals.
MOLVAX has commercialized NK Catalyst which was designed in silico by Professor Keepyung Nahm of Yeungnam Univerisity.

Unnatural Amino Acids

MOLVAX’s unnatural amino acids (UNAAs) are synthesized in industrial scales via stereoselective alkylation of glycine or alanine using NK Catalyst technology: derivatives of natural amino acids, non-coded amino acids with linear olefinic side chains, α-methylated natural amino acids, and more.
MOLVAX’s UNAAs contain no metals and is safer for API production where residual metal contamination is a concern.
MOLVAX’s UNAAs can serve as chiral building blocks for drug molecule and peptide synthesis. These UNAAs are utilized for drug design and production. Some UNAAs have shown pharmaceutical activity either alone or as part of a larger therapeutic molecule.

in silico Technology for Small Drugs

Discovery and development of small drugs in MOLVAX are based on in silico computational techniques and AI simulation. And the candidates are accomplished with catalytic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and biologics.

Keepyung Nahm, Ph.D.

- CEO and founder of MOLVAX
- over 30 years of experience in Computational Chemistry (in silico Design; Molecules/enzymes/catalysts) and Synthesis
- Professor, Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Yeungnam Univ.
- Senior Researcher in LG Life Sciences (1989-1994)
- Researcher at Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCLA
- Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry at Michigan St. Univ.
- BS/MS in Chemistry at Seoul National Univ.