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Molvax Catalysts for Tailor-Made Amino Acids

Molvax has developed a manufacturing process for the tailor-made amino acid (UNAA) using NK Catalyst.
These patented Molvax Catalysts can convert readily available natural amino acids to a variety of tailor-made amino acids including α,α-dialkylated amino acids.
The High efficiency of the Molvax Catalysts makes it possible for the cost-effective and large-scale production of UNAA.


KP101823271; US10696621;
EP3459947; CN109689651A


1. Organcatalysts(NK Catalyst) : No Metal involved
2. Sustainability: Phase Transfer Catalysts
3. Efficiency: High Stereoselectivity and Yield
4. Scalability: kg-Scale Manufacture
5. Low Cost: Nature-available Resource for Catalysts, Utilization of natural Amino Acids

Catalysis for Tailor-Made Amino Acids

Glycine can be converted to many unnatural amino acids with NK Catalyst.
Similar processes can convert Alanine to variable α,α-disubstituted amino acids.
Now, we can produce many tailor-made amino acids with high optical purity in kg-scale.

Chirality development

We utilize our chiral catalysts to develop efficient chirality-generation processes for drug production.
Now, we can provide several generic drugs by the generation of chirality of drug molecules with MOLVAX catalysts in green and efficient technology.

Discovery of Novel Small Molecule Drugs

Our program for small molecule drug discovery utilizes the rational drug design method (MM/MD/QM), i.e., mechanism-based drug design (MBDD) ranging from the structural analysis of disease-associated biomolecules (therapeutic target) to the design of small molecules.
Rational in silico design for drug candidates goes with a docking technique and an enzymatic reaction mechanism.
We are expanding our drug design with AI techniques.

Patents and Publications


1. KP101823271
2. US10696621
3. EP EP3459947
4. CN109689651A


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